Thursday, June 26, 2008

Discuss "The Shack" at BBH

Baker Book House will be hosting a book discussion on the best-selling book, "The Shack," by William P. Young on Thurs. August, 21, at 7pm. Pastors and professors from the Grand Rapids area will be leading the discussion - more details to come.

"The Shack" is somewhat of a publishing anomaly. It is a self-published book by a first-time author. It has sparked debate and created a buzz among readers because it is a fictional story, based loosely on a true story, that delves into numerous theological topics. (i.e. the Trinity, the problem of pain, divine justice, God's love, etc.) The author's results are often surprising leading some to say "This book changed my life," and others "This book is best forgotten."

Check back for more details about "The Shack" book discussion.

Andrew R.

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