Monday, December 22, 2008

Coming Soon - A Marginal Jew, vol 4: Law and Love

John Meier's series A Marginal Jew has been widely acclaimed for its scholarship and accessibility. Now the long-awaited volume four is due for release from Yale University Press in May of 2009. "This volume addresses the teachings of Jesus on major legal topics like divorce, oaths, the Sabbath, purity rules, and the various love commandments in the Gospels." (from Yale University Press Spring/Summer Feb - Jul 2009 catalog, p. 65) The series was originally intended to be only two volumes but has expanded to now four. I thoroughly enjoyed the first three volumes and have recommended them to customers with an interest in studies on the historical Jesus. One Amazon reviewer described the first volume as "Exhaustive but not Exhausting." This is a very apt description. Meier is thorough but easy to read. All three volumes are replete with footnotes that could be another book in themselves. Evangelicals will not agree with many of Meier's conclusions but there is much to be learned from these tomes. My only disappointment (already!) is that volume four is only available in paperback. My first three volumes are all hardcover. Meier is William K. Chair Professor of Theology (New Testament), Theology Department, University of Notre Dame.

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