Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hometown Rated One of the Happiest Places in the U.S.

Go figure.  My hometown, Holland, Michigan, was rated one of the happiest places in the U.S.  It actually came in second!  Beating out Honolulu.  In spite of 16% unemployment and some terrible winters we still seem to find some happiness.  How?  In this coverage from Diane Sawyer she attriubutes it to:

1) Religion that reaches out. Holland is known as the "city of churches" numbering 170.  Remember, our population is only 35,000. 

2) 100 volunteer groups.  That's more than than some cities twice its size.

3) Holland was also recently rated the second most generous region in the U.S.  We really do have a very giving heart.

4) The city still places a value on family. 

5) A crime rate that's half the nation's. 

Whatever the reasons I will testify I enjoy living in Holland. 

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