Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Year of Bible Sales

Since I did a post on my top 10 best sellers for the academic department I thought I would run a report on the Bible department. This time I ran a report on the sale of Bibles by translation for the last year. These figures do not include children or One Year Bibles. Foreign language does not include Spanish. This would be Chinese, Russian, German or French.

NIV – 2,424
ESV – 1,623
KJV – 468
NKJV – 454
NLT – 396
MSG – 365
NASB – 180
TNIV – 157
NRSV – 88
AMP – 44
HCSB – 38
Jewish – 14
Voice – 11
Young’s Literal – 11
NAB – 9
GW – 7
Living Bible – 6
NET – 6
RSV – 4
Foreign Language – 4
Good News – 4
NCV – 3
CEV – 1

Clearly the NIV is my best seller. If we throw children’s Bibles in the mix it would be much higher. The NIV Adventure Bible is our best-selling children’s Bible. The ESV makes a strong showing and the rest trail by quite a bit. Part of the reason the NIV does so well for us is our close relationship with Zondervan. They work hard with retailers to provide specials which allow us to run frequent sales. While we pass on some we take advantage of as many as we think will work best for us--and it shows. It’s a partnership we value and appreciate. Their customer service department is five-star in our book and our rep, Larry Avery, is simply the best.

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