Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have You Heard of the 17:18 Series?

A friend of mine at Reformation Heritage Books recently gave me a copy of something new called a "Journible."  It is part of the "17:18 Series" which is based off of the verse in Deuteronomy 17 where the king is commanded to write out a copy of the law.  Each Journible is a blank journal with space to write out a book of the Bible.  I chose the Gospel of John.  I would have picked the Gospel of Mark but it is not available yet (no, not because it's smaller than John but because that's where my interest has been recently).

How do you use it?  Here's how the catalog describes it
"Each book is organized so that you can write out your very own copy of Scripture.  You will be writing the Bible text only on the right hand page of the book. This should make for easier writing and also allows ample space on the left page to write your own notes and comments. From time to time a question or word will be lightly printed on the left page; these questions are to aid in further study, but should not interfere with your own notes and comments."
Writing out Scripture forces you to slow down and read the text carefully.  I'm looking forward to the "journey." 

To date the only books available are: The Gospel of John, Romans, Proverbs, 1 Timothy - Hebrews (together in one volume) and Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians (together in one volume).  They retail for only $13.00. 

These would make great gifts when completed to hand down to your children or grandchildren as they read through these books and see what their parent or grandparent thought as they went through the book.  This could also be used in a small group to enhance whatever study guide they might be using. 

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