Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Which Christian Publisher is 211 Years Old?

We are certainly proud to celebrate our 70th anniversary and Kregel Publications is celebrating their 100th anniversary. But we are still juniors when compared to Thomas Nelson which is alive and well at 211. It's a fascinating story which is told here by the current CEO of Nelson Michael Hyatt. I know there are older publishers, but in the world of Christian retail Nelson is truly a great great grandfather.


Esteban Vázquez said...

This is a very nice video and all, but it must be realized that the character of Nelson as a specifically Christian publisher dates back only to the time of Sam Moore--and then only to the mid '70s, when they moved significantly beyond Bible publishing. Prior to that, Nelson's chief connection to "Christian publishing" was their license to print the ASV and the RSV (the latter of which, if recall correctly, ceased to be exclusive sometime in the early '60s). That would make the pre-Moore Nelson imprint about as much of a Christian publisher as, say, Cambridge University Press.

Baker, on the other hand, has had a continuous history of specifically Christian publishing since its inception, and is in fact older in that regard than Nelson. Same goes for Kregel.

Daniel said...

And actually SPCK was founded in 1698 so its 311 years old. ;)

Daniel said...

Actually SPCK was founded in 1698 so it 311 years old. It must be great great father.

Andrew said...

That's an interesting video. Thanks for posting it, Louis.