Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming Soon from Baker Books: Evidence for God

When I first started studying apologetics the big names were C. S. Lewis, Norman Geisler, John Warwick Montgomery, Gordon Clark, Carl Henry, Ronald Nash, Wilbur Smith and the great populizer was Josh McDowell. I was later introduced to Cornelius Van Till, Stuart Hackett, R. C. Sproul, Francis Schaefer, John Gerstner, Gordon Lewis and others. The landscape has changed significantly from those days. Now we have Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, J. P. Moreland, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Stobel, Gary Habermas, Paul Copan, John Frame, Douglas Wilson, Peter Kreeft and many more.

Christian scholars are springing up all over the place representing a wide range of specialties and offering new and exciting evidences for the Christian faith. So when someone asks, "Do we really need another book of apologetics?" I answer with a resounding "Yes!"

Coming out next July from Baker Books is Evidence for God: 50 Arguments for Faith from the Bible, History, Philosophy, and Science edited by William Dembski and Michael R. Licona. The book is divided up into four sections as indicated by the subtitle: the question of philosophy, the question of science, the question of Jesus, and the question of the Bible. Among the contributors are Walter Bradley, William Dembski, Gary Habermas, Craig Blomberg, Ben Witherington III, Darrell Bock, Michael Licona, Daniel Wallace, Paul Maier, Richard Weikart, Robert Kaita, and Phillip E. Johnson.

I look forward to reading this and will be sure to let you know as soon as it is available. It will be a paperback with 288 pages and retail for $19.99.

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