Monday, November 2, 2009

Conversation: Open with Mormons, Closed with Emergents

In a recent article from Christianity Today we learn that the Mormons have increased their dialogue with Evangelicals. At the forefront of these meetings is the now commonly known name of Robert Millet. According to Millet, "If we can have more civil and respectful relations with evangelicals, we can do it with anyone." Other than knowing the meetings are taking place few other details have been revealed.

On another front Mike Wittmer says he has skimmed an advance reading copy of a book from a leading Emergent. He says that something he read made it clear to him that "any chance of fruitful dialogue is now lost." Since this was an advance reading copy Wittmer declined to reveal the author or title of the book. What did he read that lead him to this conclusion?

"The author declared that we who stand under the Bible as our authority are guilty of the same type of thinking that endorsed slavery, anti-Semitism, genocide, homophobia, the Inquisition, witch-burning, and apartheid (the author instead recommends using the Bible as a common library of diverse viewpoints rather than an internally consistent authority over our lives)."

The responses to his post are very interesting especially since a couple come to the defense of the anonymous author.

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