Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming Soon from Crossway: The Secret Providence of God

Before we leave 2009 (the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth) I thought you should know about a forthcoming title by Calvin called The Secret Providence of God. Here's the catalog description from Crossway:

"In 1558 John Calvin held a prominent position of leadership in the Reform movement. He had written prolifically and his works had been widely circulated-and critiqued. It was at this time that he penned an answer to a critique of his position on divine providence, as articulated in the 1546 edition of the Institutes. His polemical defense of his beliefs, The Secret Providence of God, reflects the boisterous, argumentative tone of the Reformation era and is Calvin's fullest treatment on this most important doctrine. Unfortunately, in recent decades this work has been largely forgotten.

With this new English translation of Calvin's work, editor Paul Helm reintroduces The Secret Providence of God to students, pastors, and lay readers of Reformed theology. Translator Keith Goad has modernized the English while preserving a Latinized translation style as far as possible. Helm has provided a full introduction, discussing the work's background, content, style, and relation to Calvin's other writings on providence."

This is due out January 31, 2010. It will be a paperback with 128 pages and sell for $15.99.

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Paul said...

The latest Westminster Theological Journal has an article by Helm and Thiessen on the middle knowledge of God. ARGH...wish I could get my hands on it! May pop over to Phoenix Seminary and grab a copy.