Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michael Brown on Tyra Banks

I don't watch the Tyra Banks show since I'm usually at work during her show.  Even on the occasional weekday when I'm off (like today) I don't watch it.  But I was alerted to this from Michael Brown's ministry.  Apparently, Brown was asked to be on the Tyra Banks show to discuss the issue of transgendered children.  If you watch the segment from the show you'll see Brown doesn't have much of an opportunity to speak since he is often interrupted.  He did, however, provide a short response later which you'll find below.  I found it interesting that at about 4:50 he mentions a study of London taxi drivers which showed that the spatial reasoning part of their brain was larger than the average person.  This was particularly interesting because N. T. Wright mentions this same study in his new book After You Believe. (38 See here for the link Wright provides.)  Wright isn't talking about transgendered children but both men cite the study as evidence that our brains are changed or re-wired based on our behavior. This reminded me of another book just out called Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain which, though I've not read it, I think probably argues along similar lines concerning the effect of pornography on the brain.  I find the whole subject fascinating.  The incident with Brown on the Tyra show only shows once again how even when the media finds an intelligent person of faith to speak they really don't give him any time.

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