Monday, January 19, 2009

Craig Blomberg Reviews Two New BECNT Commentaries

Craig Blomberg has reviewed the two newest releases in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series. The two are 1 - 3 John by Robert W. Yarbrough and Jude and 2 Peter by Gene L. Green. Blomberg says "In this age of unprecedented proliferation of biblical commentary series, it is an outstanding accomplishment for the Baker Exegetical series consistently to have produced what with only rare exceptions have become the best available commentaries on the Greek text of the New Testament book or books treated. This new volume on the Epistles of John . . . certainly falls into this category." I couldn't agree more with him when he says Yarbrough "has clearly labored at writing well, with frequent turns of phrase that are truly literary in quality." The introduction is so well written that I found myself reading it again just to enjoy the writing. The contribution by Gene is praised for its "clear elucidation of the text's meaning, for his robust defense of traditional authorship and setting, for his command of the rhetorical techniques the inspired authors employed, and for his mastery of primary source material." This series continues to receive high praise from scholars, pastors and students.

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