Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming Soon from Baker Academic: A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes

Baker Academic will be releasing this June A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes by Anthony Lane. This will be perfect for those who are intimidated by the bulk of the Institutes but would like to become at least somewhat familiar with it. Many will already be familiar with Lane's previously published book The Institutes of Christian Religion edited by Anthony Lane and Hilary Osborne. These are not at all the same. The latter is an abridgement of the Institutes put into contemporary English. The former does not contain any text from the Institutes but rather provides notes to help the reader along. The Institutes are broken up into sections and then notes are given to help the reader focus on particular elements (i.e., "skip footnotes 1-3 but read #4). It is based on the Battles translation. Lane is professor of historical theology and director of research at the London School of Theology (UK). The book be a paperback with 176 pages and sell for $14.99. My thanks to Jim Kinney, editorial director for Baker Academic, for explaining the difference between the two works.

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