Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two New Study Bibles Coming in 2009

Two new study Bibles are coming out this year. Last year we saw the birth of the NLT Study Bible , The Discipleship Study Bible (NRSV), and the ESV Study Bible. First in order of publication is the Wesley Study Bible from Abingdon Press. It is an NRSV and is edited by Joel B. Green and William H. Willimon. You can see more about it here. This will be a real welcome to the study Bible market since there is virtually nothing of study Bibles from a Wesleyan/Arminian tradition. I encourage you to take a look at the sampler. We should see it in bookstores in February or March. Later in the year we will have The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia. The target date for its release is Reformation Day 2009 (October 31). This is not a new edition of the Concordia Self-Study Bible which was just a NIV Study Bible with modifications for Lutherans. It will be in the English Standard Version but is not a revision or modification in any way of the ESV Study Bible. I look forward to seeing both these study Bibles and already have people in mind I know will enjoy them. Finally, many of you will remember Zondervan's The Spiritual Formation Bible. It has been re-published by Upper Room Books and is called The Meeting God Bible. It has the same content and the same layout as its predecessor. Those interested in spiritual formation will enjoy this Bible.

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