Friday, May 8, 2009

Coming Soon from Baker Books - Calvin's Commentaries

I'm expecting any day now Baker's new release of Calvin's Commentaries. This collector's edition will be handsomely bound featuring a 500 year gold emblem on the spine. Also included is a free copy of the The Institutes of the Christian Religion by Calvin (Beveridge version). The 23-volume set has a retail value of $1200.00 but will sell for $190.00. I'm amazed at the number of contemporary commentaries that give tribute to Calvin as a commentator or that continue to interact with him. To give one example Douglas Moo in his commentary on Romans says that while he consulted many commentaries on Romans he selected twelve for particularly careful study. The factors in his selection were: "exegetical excellence, theological sophistication, and representative significance." One of those twelve was Calvin. Moo says he considers these scholars as his "exegetical sparring partners." (p. xix) Calvin's first commentary was on Romans which was published in 1540. Almost 500 years later we're still listening and learning.

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inchristus said...

I'll take 3 copies! One in PDF, one audio, one hard copy! Oh...make that as a gift to you, my friend ;->