Friday, May 1, 2009

Michael Wittmer on Brian McLaren's Lament

Mike Wittmer, author of Don’t Stop Believing, says he received a mass email last week from Brian McLaren regarding his “‘Everything Must Change’” tour, in which he lamented that ‘many if not most Christians in the US remain focused on’ their ‘intramural religious debates’ rather than the global crises confronting our world. He wrote: ‘In one Q & A session after another since our tour, I’ve watched the conversation be pulled away from Jesus’ gospel of the reigning of God in relation to life-and-death global crises, and turned toward controversies and inquisitions about doctrinal opinions and ‘theological correctness.’ Some nights, I didn’t even realize what had happened until I went back to my hotel room and just wanted to cry.’”

Wittmer’s comments in response to this, I believe, are exactly right. Wittmer says that while he can sympathize with McLaren’s lament “it’s his own fault.” You can read the entire entry here.

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