Monday, April 13, 2009

Coming Soon from IVP Academic: Justification by N. T. Wright

IVP Academic will be releasing N. T. Wright's newest title this coming May, Justification: God's Plan and Paul's Vision. This is, in part, his response to the work of John Piper who critiqued Wright's view of justification. He says the problem with Piper is that "he hasn't really listened to what I'm saying" (21). Others he says have "simply not allowed the main things I have been trying to say to get anywhere near [their] conscious mind" (21). Finally he says he is "more than a little weary with this happening again and again, on websites, in questions after lectures, in journalistic interviews, and increasingly in academic and quasi- or pseudo-academic articles and books, I am determined to have one more go at setting things out." (22) Due to the "pressure of other duties, and the urgency of publisher's deadlines" he was unable to send initial drafts to Piper for comment (from the Preface). Whether you agree or disagree with Wright this will be a work you can't afford to ignore. You can read the preface, chapter one and an interview with the author here. The book is hardcover, 264 pages and sells for $25.00.

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