Friday, April 17, 2009

Understanding the Book of Mormon - A Review

Ross Anderson has written a very nice introduction to the Book of Mormon simply called Understanding the Book of Mormon. There are scores of evangelical treatments of Mormonism but few treatments, at a popular level, solely focused on the Book of Mormon. Anderson, a former Mormon himself, lays out the storyline of the Book of Mormon and the surrounding circumstances of its being revealed to Joseph Smith. He also probes into the various problems with recognizing the Book of Mormon as inspired Scripture or even reliable history. Much of what he covers is not new (i.e., the discrepancies in Smith’s first vision, the DNA research on American Indians, the parallels between the Book of Mormon and the King James Version of the Bible.) but is covered in a way that is easy to understand. Anderson still has family who are active members of the Latter Day Saints and so he is sensitive and respectful in his treatment but nonetheless serious about his objections and questions. He repeatedly reminds the reader that most Mormons are not aware of many of the issues he raises in the book. If you have Mormon friends or just want to understand the Book of Mormon a little better this is a great starting point. The book includes discussion questions which make it useful for a small group study. Anderson is senior and founding pastor of Wasatch Evangelical Free Church in Roy, Utah.

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Andrew R said...

Nice review, Louis.

I was linked to your blog via the author - way to go! He liked your review so much he posted it on Facebook!

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