Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The "Best of Lutheran Theology" and Emerging Theology

I read an article recently about a pastor who is quite favorable to emerging theology.  There was really nothing new to the article but one thing the pastor said got my attention.  After describing the traditional understanding of substitionary atonement the pastor said "the best of Lutheran theology is uneasy with that."  I'm not that up on Lutheran theology but I know someone who is--my friend and former co-worker Charles Wiese.  I emailed him and asked him to comment on the article.  His response was everything I expected and more.  Here's part of his response:
"In a textbook example of the Appeal to authority fallacy, Nuechterlein says that 'the best of Lutheran theology is uneasy with that.' This is on the same level as 'studies show' or 'experts agree.' What Lutheran theology? Nuechterlein doesn't like what the Old Testament says about God. If you're a reasonably well catechized Lutheran you might read the article and think that this guy needs to go to catechism class. Much like N.T. Wright (who Nuechterlein also likes), Nuechterlein's understanding of confessional Lutheran theology seems to be based on some strange caricature. In fact by the end of the article we find out that Nuechterlein is more anti-Lutheran than N.T. Wright."
You can read the entire response here.  Charles' blog The Lamb on the Altar is a great blog and one I've enjoyed reading.  A fine example is this post on why consubstantiation does not accurately reflect Lutheran theology.  Thanks Charles for taking the time from your new baby to answer my question.

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