Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Store Now - Reading Scripture as Wesleyans

If you're a Wesleyan I think you are going to love Reading Scripture as Wesleyans by Joel B. Green.  But from what I've seen so far Calvinists can benefit from much of it as well.   Here's the catalog description:
"John Wesley boasted that he was a 'man of one book,' but he was also a thoughtful student throughout his life and an author of many books. As breath gives life, John Wesley inhaled and exhaled the words of Scripture, shaping his thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behavior. And like our eighteenth-century ancestor, the Bible is central to us for continued faith formation. In this invitation to Scripture, the general editor of the Wesley Study Bible and biblical scholar, Dr. Joel Green, summarizes Wesley’s understanding of key themes and topics of key books of the New Testament. Using brief excerpts from Wesley’s writings (in updated language), Dr. Green explains the importance of Wesley’s thinking as it directly applies to everyday life and faithful practice. Each chapter ends with questions suitable for private devotion or group settings, to help you apply your study to daily living."
 Here are a couple of the endorsements from back of the book:
"This book is a treasure for those who trace their theological ancestry to John Wesley.  With characteristic clarity, Joel Green demonstrates how one can read Scripture as a Wesleyan today by showing how key New Testament books address Wesley's major concerns.  Used as a companion volume with the Wesley Study Bible, it will serve the church well in the task of facilitating the ongoing formation of a holy people."  Andy Johnson, Nazarene Theological Seminary
"Joel Green is one of our foremost interpreters of scripture, perhaps our greatest Wesleyan interpreter of the Bible.  Now Joel utilizes a Wesleyan angle on scripture as the lens through which he looks at some of its most important messages."  William Willimon, Bishop, North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church
"Lucid, lively, and linked directly to the works of Wesley, Green demystifies the importance of theological interpretation for John Wesley's use of scripture.  I am grateful to Joel Green for bringing New Testament theological hermeneutics in direct conversation with Wesley's words and sermons."  Joy J. Moore, The Divinity School at Duke University
You can read the first chapter here.  Reading Scripture as Wesleyans is from Abingdon Press with 186 pages and sells for $15.00.  It contains eleven chapters which cover the four gospels, Acts, Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 1 John and Revelation.  A short bibliography and scripture index add to the book's value and usefulness. 

Joel B. Green is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary and a General Editor of the Wesley Study Bible

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