Friday, February 6, 2009

In Store Now - Jesus, The Final Days

Westminster John Knox just release this popular treatment on the final days of Jesus. Jesus, The Final Days: What Really Happened would be great for small groups as Easter approaches. Edited by Troy Miller it gives two lectures by Craig Evans and one lecture by N. T. Wright. The were originally given as part of the 2004 Symposium for Church and Academy lecture series at Crichton College. Evans addresses the death and burial of Jesus and Wright addresses the resurrection of Jesus. For those who don't have the stamina to wade through Wright's tome on the resurrection but have come to appreciate him as a writer this will be an excellent choice. I've only had time to scan it but it looks very good. For example, critical scholars have long doubted the historical reliability of the "Passover Pardon." That is, the custom of Pilate releasing a prisoner during the Passover. Evans cites historical documentation supporting the practice as well as arguing that it would make little sense to assert something "whose falsity could so readily be exposed." (p.20) I'll look forward to giving this a closer read in the weeks ahead. Each chapter concludes with suggestions for further reading. It is a paperback with 116 pages and sells for $14.95

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