Saturday, February 21, 2009

Michael Wittmer - In Store Visit - March 27th

Michael Wittmer, author of Don't Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus is Not Enough, will be speaking here on Friday, March 27th at 7:00 p.m.. He will speak on his book and then offer a time of Q & A. Wittmer's book addresses concerns he sees in the emergent church. His chapter titles show a wide range of topics. Some of them are "Must You Believe Something to Be Saved?", "Which is Worse: Homosexuals or the Bigots Who Persecute Them?", "Is the Cross Divine Child Abuse?", "Can You Belong before You Believe," and "Is Hell for Real and Forever?". A crucial insight is the parallel he sees between the emergent church and classic liberalism of the early 20th century. Wittmer is convinced a third way can be made between the issues that often divide liberals and conservatives. His presentation promises to be insightful and vigorous yet civil.

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Andrew said...

I'm looking forward to a great night of fruitful discussion. Thanks for putting on events like this!