Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Jesus Alive Today?

Are you looking for a great give away item for this Easter? Here’s something you might really enjoy. New from B&H Publishing is a small booklet featuring the Gospel of John from The Apologetics Study Bible. You have the complete text of the Gospel of John in the Holman Christian Standard version with an introduction and notes by Craig Blomberg. Also are ten essay articles on such topics as:

Is Jesus Alive Today? by Jeremy Royal Howard
Aren’t the Gospels the Product of Greek Thinking? by Ronald H. Nash
Are Jesus’ Claims Unique Among the Religions of the World? by Gary R. Habermas
Is There Evidence for Life After Death? by Hank Hanegraaff
More Evidence for Life After Death by J. P. Moreland
How Does the Bible Relate to Islam? by Barbara B. Pemberton
Can Something Be True for You and Not for Me? by Paul Copan
How Should a Christian Deal with Doubt? by Gary Habermas

This would be a perfect gift for visitors to your church or to give to a neighbor. You could also give them to your youth groups. There are any number of ways in which you could creatively use this great resource.

There is also a “Plan of Salvation” at the end.
It comes in a handy size of 5 ¼ x 7 with 63 pages and sells for only $.99!

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