Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Store Now - The Minor Prophets edited by Thomas E. McComiskey

I'll let my bias out now. Baker Academic is my favorite division of Baker Publishing Group. I was hesitant when I heard they were going to publish the previous three volume set of The Minor Prophets by McCominskey in one volume. But now that I've seen it. . .what was I worried about? This is an impressive volume. The cover is gorgeous, the print is very readable (I thought it would be very small), and the price is surprisingly reasonable (only $69.99). Before you choke on that price tag consider this: the previous volumes sold for about $50.00 a piece. What used to cost you $150.00 is now only $70.00! On top of this you have the solid scholarship that has made this a first choice for many professors, pastors and students. Tremper Longman in his Old Testament Commentary Survey gives this commentary 5 stars. On "Hosea" he says, "For serious study of Hosea, this commentary is a must." On "Joel", "If you get only one commentary on Joel, this should be it." If you're looking for a good commentary on all the Minor Prophets this should be at the top of your list. Now that I've seen it I love it. A complete Scripture Index is also included. It is hardcover and has 1445 pages. Three cheers for Baker Academic!

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