Monday, February 2, 2009

Study Bible Notes Compared 2: 1 Tim 2:12

I lapsed in this series but am excited to get back to it. This time I'm looking at the very controversial verse of 1 Tim 2:12. The NLT says "I do not let women teach men or have authority over them. Let them listen quietly." The NLT Study Bible offers a small note but then offers an article on the opposite page listing the three major views on "Women's Roles in the NT Church." The ESV Study Bible offers only one interpretation and that is that women may not teach men. While I happen to agree with this interpretation I'm disappointed that the ESV Study Bible does not note that other interpretations are possible. This is what I like about a good study Bible: it shows interpretative options. This is precisely what the NIV Study Bible does. It offers two interpretations. The MacArthur Study Bible offers only the one view that women may not teach men. The NKJV Study Bible offers two views. From this small survey I have to give this one to the NLT Study Bible as my first choice and the NIV Study Bible as my second. When I'm talking to customers about study Bibles one thing I always mention is that the notes will frequently (obviously not always) offer interpretative options. This is especially important with those unfamiliar with the Bible. Next time we'll venture into some Old Testament passages.

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