Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming Soon from Baker Academic: Magnifying God in Christ

So if you had a hard time wading through the 900+ pages of Tom Schreiner's New Testament Theology but still want the honey from the honeycomb I've got the book for you. Coming this February from Baker Academic is a digest version of Schreiner's book called Magnifying God in Christ. It will be a paperback with only 272 pages and sell for $24.99.

The catalog description follows:

"Magnifying God in Christ provides a student-level digest of Schreiner's massive work, exploring the key themes and teachings of the New Testament in a more accessible and concise way. The book summarizes the findings of Schreiner's larger work and provides answers to the "so what?" question of New Testament theology.

Comprehensive and up to date, this survey is arranged thematically and includes careful exegesis of key passages. It argues for a New Testament theology that is God-focused, Christ-centered, and Spirit-saturated and offers students of the Bible a big-picture view of what the New Testament is all about. "

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