Friday, July 10, 2009

New Website Coming Soon to Baker Book House!

For several years now Baker Book House has functioned with two websites: which primarily featured our used and bargain books and which featured new product and was the one I used to link all books to on this blog. Coming this fall will be a website replacing both of the existing websites. "Bakerbookstore" will be disabled fairly soon and bakerbookretail will be disabled soon thereafter. I believe the new website will fall under the "Bakerbookstore" name but that has not been finalized. At any rate all my previous links to books will be undone (since they won't go anywhere) and until the new website is created I won't be linking book titles. We are very excited about the new site and are sure you will like it as well. It will be very user friendly and will combine new, used and bargain books all in one location.

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