Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Post on Annoying Christian Buzzwords and Phrases

I got a kick out of Zach Bartels blog post on Christian buzzwords and cliches. Here's an example:

"Christ-follower - I've mostly noticed this listed as people's "religion" on social networking sites. I guess there's not really anything wrong with this term per se (apart from its grammatical awkwardness), but whenever we start using a new word/term in place of an already established word, I have to ask: why? What's wrong with Christian? It's what the "Christ-followers" were first called in Antioch and we've been called Christians ever since. So is "Christ-follower" supposed to be a translation (rather than transliteration) of Χριστιανός? That's over-reaching. I suspect that the real motivation is to set oneself over and against the masses of people who wear the name "Christian," to be part of an elite group of people that take this Jesus stuff much more seriously than those "Christians." And to that I say: yikes."

In one of the comments someone asked: "Felt Needs. Aren't those what old school Sunday school teachers have when they run out of flannel graph materials?" That's funny!

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