Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Reviews of N. T. Wright's "Justification"

My friend Paul has sent me another review of N. T. Wright's book Justification. You can find the review here. Also Kevin DeYoung has posted some of his thoughts on the book. You can find the last of the three posts here. Rick Phillips has a critique entitled "Five Arguments Against Future Justification by Works. Part one is here and part two is here. Paul has a running list of reviews on his blog. If you are at all interested in Wright's book Paul has saved you a considerable amount of time by assembling some of the best reviews (both pro and con) that are available on line.

Since I've not finished the book myself I'm trying to avoid reading too many reviews. But I have read some. My thanks to Paul for being so diligent in keeping his list up to date. If you know of one he has missed please pass it along to him. I know he would appreciate it.

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Paul said...

Thanks, Louis.

If you wish to pass along a link for me to post, please send to paulATtmchDOTnet.