Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Soon from Brazos Press - Covenant and Communion

In the past several years I have done much more reading of both Catholic and Orthodox writers. I also have some friends in both traditions which have taught me a great deal. When I saw this new book on the biblical theology of Pope Benedict XVI I was very excited. It is Covenant and Communion by Scott Hahn.

The early endorsements are many and some from very unexpected sources. Consider this from Kevin Vanhoozer:

"Scott Hahn here renders an important service in so clearly setting forth the hermeneutical principles, biblical framework, and doctrinal positions of Pope Benedict XVI, arguably the world's most important contemporary theologian. The parallels between the biblical theology of the pope and of evangelicals, together with their respective attempts to interpret Scripture theologically in an age marked by modern biblical criticism, are particularly fascinating." (emphasis mine)

Tremper Longman says:

"As a Protestant biblical scholar, I found Scott Hahn's exposition of Pope Benedict's biblical theology both informative and inspiring. In spite of differences, Protestants need to read this book to understand how deeply we can agree on the primacy of Christ and the Word. Through Hahn, I have a new appreciation for the mind and heart of Pope Benedict."

And you don't get more Reformed than Michael Horton who says:

"Biblical theology--that is, the work of tracing major scriptural themes from promise to fulfillment--is essential for the life and health of the Church. Long before his election as pope, Benedict XVI brought his wide-ranging gifts to bear in this field in a Christ-centered exposition. Even when one disagrees with some of his conclusions, Benedict's insights, as well as his engagement with critical scholarship, offer a wealth of reflection. In this remarkable book, Scott Hahn has drawn out the central themes of Benedict's teaching in a highly readable summary that includes not only the pope's published works but also his less-accessible homilies and addresses. This is an eminently useful guide for introducing the thought of an important theologian of our time."

You can find all the endorsements here. I have come to have a deep respect for Pope Benedict XVI and can only anticipate that this work will not disappoint.

Look for it this October. It will be a paperback with 208 pages and sell for $21.99.

To see how a Protestant and a Catholic can engage in healthy dialogue yet disagree see the blog post by Kevin DeYoung on "Is the Mass Idolatrous?" with responses from Scott Hahn. Very interesting.

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