Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming Soon from IVP Academic - The Historical Jesus: Five Views

Since I just received an IVP catalog you can expect to see a few posts on what they have coming out this winter. There are a few I'm anxious to see. The Historical Jesus: Five Views offers an interesting mix of authors on the topic of the historical Jesus. Here are the contributors and their chapter titles as listed in the table of contents:

1. Jesus at the Vanishing Point - Robert M. Price
2. Jesus and the Challenge of Collaborative Eschatology - John Dominic Crossan
3. Learning the Human Jesus: Historical Criticism and Literary Criticism - Luke Timothy Johnson
4. Remembering Jesus: How the Quest of the Historical Jesus Lost its Way - James D. G. Dunn
5. The Historical Jesus: An Evangelical View - Darrell Bock

I find it interesting that we have two members of the Jesus Seminar as contributors. I am familiar with all but Robert Price and though I have several disagreements with Johnson and Dunn I have learned much from them. Dunn has written a book for Baker Academic entitled A New Perspective on Jesus: What the Quest for the Historical Jesus Missed. As with all the books of this genre the best part are the responses. My own views are, not surprisingly, aligned with Bock. The responses to his essay will be most interesting.

Look for it this November. It will be paperback with 288 pages and sell for $26.00.

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