Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Store Now - From Nicaea to Chalcedon 2nd edition

I was so happy when I saw From Nicaea to Chalcedon arrive in the store.  When I first heard about it at our sales conference I was chomping at the bit to read it.  Early on I can see why the first edition was so highly praised.  This is a veritable banquet for church history lovers.  Here's the catalog description:
"In this volume, a world-renowned scholar of early Christianity updates and expands her classic survey of the writers and writings of the golden age of Greek patristic theology. This reliable guide to Christian literature from the late third century to the mid fifth century is more accessible than specialized works on individual authors but more informative than coverage provided by general histories and reference works. The second edition has been revised throughout for use by a new generation of students and scholars and includes a new chapter and updated bibliographies."
And as I said the praise could not be higher.  Consider these endorsements for the second edition:
"Since its first appearance in 1983, From Nicaea to Chalcedon has been the best available introduction in English--for readers serious about patristic theology and early church history--to the crucially important personalities and theological works that dominated fourth- and fifth-century debate about Jesus' relationship to God and to us all. This new edition significantly expands and enriches that book and brings us face to face with the best of current scholarship on the period, yet it still retains the balance, breadth of scope, and critical good sense that has always made it so valuable. It is an indispensable guide for anyone wanting to get a clear view of the early development of classical Christian doctrine."--Brian E. Daley, SJ, Catherine F. Husking Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
"The original edition of Frances Young's From Nicaea to Chalcedon established itself immediately as the best introduction to the Greek patristic tradition in the golden age of the first four councils. It approached the fathers through their writings, and with conciseness and clarity it enabled students to read them with intelligence and understanding. This new edition surpasses the old, not only bringing it up to date after a quarter of a century of unprecedented scholarly activity, demonstrating an easy command of the shoal of new literature, but also introducing students to new approaches, some of which Prof. Young herself has pioneered. A new feature is a whole chapter devoted to ascetic writings, the 'literature of the desert.' This is an indispensable work, revealing new insights on every page."--Andrew Louth, professor of patristic and Byzantine studies, Durham University
"From Nicaea to Chalcedon has been a standard in the field for twenty-five years. In clear, elegant prose and with close attention to the original texts, this book opens a window for students into not only Young's own views of the figures she covers but also a wide range of relevant scholarly debates and controversies. This thorough updating constitutes a deep revision of the original, not just the addition of new bibliography. We are anew in Prof. Young's debt!"--Lewis Ayres, Bede Professor of Catholic Theology, Durham University
"The original edition of From Nicaea to Chalcedon was a standard work on the most illuminating Greek writers of the fourth and early fifth centuries. This new edition deserves to assume that status also. Since so much of this period has been reconstructed and rewritten over the last thirty years, a patrological-style handbook as produced here is most welcome."--D. H. Williams, professor of religion in patristics and historical theology, Baylor University
From Nicaea to Chalcedon is by Frances M. Young and Andrew Teal and comes from Baker Academic with 406 pages and sells for $39.99. 

Frances M. Young (PhD, University of Cambridge) is the retired Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham, England, and a Fellow of the British Academy. The lead editor of The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature and the author of numerous books in patristics and New Testament studies, she is also an ordained Methodist minister.

Andrew Teal (PhD, University of Birmingham) is tutor in church history at Ripon College Cuddesdon and chaplain of Pembroke College of the University of Oxford.

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