Monday, May 10, 2010

In Store Now - Kinda Christianity

Here's a book that's sure to ruffle some feathers.  Ted Kluck, co-author of Why We're Not Emegent, and Zach Bartels have teamed up to give us a satire on the emergent church entitled Kinda Christianity.  Some will miss the humor and go straight to being offended. For example, here are the three rules of Kinda Christianity:
1.  Always strive to sound deep.  Don't actually talk about what you believe directly (after all, 'believe' is a Greco-Roman, bounded-set category).  Instead wax poetic about 'something trying to be born from the womb of a better future' or about 'harmonizing, dancing, sacred eco-systems.'  This makes you sound ridiculous to most people, but very deep to a few.  And it's those few who buy your books or read your blog, so they're the ones who matter.
2.  Be unspeakably smug, and call it 'humble.'
3.  Remember, the only absolute truth in Kinda Christianity is the goodness of  'The Conversation' (may it forever be praised).  If you are ever tempted to make a definitive statement not about the goodness of The Conversation, just ask a question instead. (37-38)
It's a quick read and full of good-natured humor.  Ted and Zach will be in the store Thursday, June 17th to speak on Kinda Christianity.  The book is from their newly-established publishing house Gut Check Press.  It is a paperback with 50 pages and sells for $7.99.

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