Monday, May 31, 2010

John Dickson on Christians Being the Light of the World

Chapter six from John Dickson's new book, The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission, was on of my favorites.  I liked it because it was a good blend of exegesis and Church history.  The references to Emperor Julian (AD 331 - 363) were wonderfully appropriate.  As John says in the book Julian "wanted to beat the Christians at their own game." (93)  But, "Julian's program failed" because "[w]ithout a doctrine of grace in Greco-Roman religion it was difficult to convince people to love the unlovely."  (94)  I also appreciated John's caution that good deeds "must never be thought of as a missionary tactic, a means of getting people onside before hitting them with the gospel."  (95)  This has been a chief complaint among the emergent crowd.  "They [good deeds] are", he says, "the essential fruit of the gospel."  (95)  I apologize for the video being clipped off on the right margin.  I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Nevertheless, you'll still get the message.  Enjoy!

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