Friday, May 21, 2010

In Store Now - Run to Win the Prize

Thomas Schreiner's newest book, Run To Win the Prize: Perserverance in the New Testament, is now in.  Some will wonder how this differs from his previous book that he did with Ardel Canaday The Race Set Before Us from Intervarsity Press.  Good question!  Tom explains in the preface.
"Why is another book necessary if a previous book has already been published?  First, the length and comprehensiveness of the previous book have been off-putting to some, and as a result the thesis of the book has not been accessible to all.  My hope is the current book will bring some of the central themes of the previous work to a wider audience.  Where this book seems too brief, I would point the reader to the longer work.  Second, some have misunderstood what we were arguing for in The Race Set Before Us.  Despite what we specifically set forth in the book, some have thought that we were proposing works-righteousness, and unreachable pefectionism, or even that true believers could fall from salvation by committing apostasy.  Such conclusions directly contradict the previous work, and thus I think it will be helpful to consider the issues again in a less technical format, in order to provide further clarification of some controversial issues.  In other words, another book is warranted because it will provide a fresh and somewhat different angle to the questions explored in The Race Set Before Us." 
Run to Win the Prize is from Crossway with 128 pages and sells for $15.99.

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