Saturday, January 30, 2010

Around the Web

Should Mother Theresa be on a stamp?  The United States Post Office was going to do it (and still may as near as I can tell) but ran into objections from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  Joe Carter from First Things blog says technically they may be right by the letter of the law but the law is a stupid one. 

Scot McKnight asked his readers what they thought of the State of the Union address by President Obama.  The responses were unusually negative for his blog. 

Jeff from the Scripture Zealot alerts us to a new website coming from Tyndale.  This surprised me a lot since I had just met with my Tyndale rep this week and he said nothing about it.  Shame on you Gary. 

John Piper gives us a peek at his writing projects for 2010 and says he will be at this year's Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) Conference and he will be on a panel with N. T. Wright and Frank Thielman discussing justification by faith!  I'm giving serious thought to going.  

Kevin DeYoung has a wonderful post on the "Fetid Pool" of self promotion.  For similar thoughts see the post by Bruce Little at the Evangelical Philosophical Society blog. 

My friend Paul Adams continues his review of Philip Payne's book Man and Woman, One in Christ.  You'll find part five here where he outlines Payne's argument that 1 Cor. 14:34-35 is an interpolation. 

Just a reminder that our new website will be coming in February.  As soon as it's up I'll be sure to let you know. 


Paul said...

Thanks for the pointer Louis to my reviews of Phil Payne's Man and Woman, One in Christ.

For convenience, I've grouped all the reviews together @ and will continue adding my remarks to this link, so if readers wish to hit/bookmark only one URL.

Louis said...

Thanks for the update Paul. It will be nice to have them all together for easy viewing.

Andrew said...

Louis, you should definitely go to ETS this year. It would be great to have you there.