Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coming Soon from Westminster John Knox: The Old Testament for Everyone

Many of you are probably familiar with the New Testament for Everyone series from Westminster John Knox by N. T. Wright.  Coming this March will be the first installment of its counterpart: The Old Testament for Everyone which will be authored by John Goldingay.

The first two volumes will be on Genesis (part 1 = chapters 1-16 and part 2 = chapters 17-50) with subsequent volumes coming out every six months.  I'm told they will be written and released in canonical order.  The catalog description follows:
"The book of Genesis is a lively read featuring familiar biblical tales such as the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit, Noah and the flood, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, the Tower of Babel, and Sodom and Gomorrah.  While readers may know the facts of these stories, Goldingay's work will instill in them a deeper understanding of their spiritual and theological significance.  True to the For Everyone series' goal, Goldingay writes in a thoroughly accessible and engaging style with chapter titles such as 'Friday Lunchtime,' 'Bigamy, Music, Technology, Murder,' 'Babylon becomes Babble-on,' 'Stuff Happens,' and 'Two Guys Who Need Their Heads Banged Together.'" 
Goldingay will be familiar to many from his three-volume commentary on the Psalms published by Baker and his three-volume Old Testament Theology published by IVP.   The Genesis volumes will be paperback with 208 pages and sell for $14.95. 

John Goldingay is David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary.


Jonathan said...

Very exciting. Although I have yet to read anything by Goldingay, his reputation is notable. I have enjoyed the New Testament for Everyone series by Tom Wright(as I enjoy essentially everything he puts out), but I'm wondering how you think Goldingay will be for this series. Is he the "obvious" parallel to Wright for the Old Testament? Anyways, just curious in your thoughts, especially since you work for someone who has published a good number of his books. Thanks!

P.S. I am actually from South Elgin, IL. Not too far from your alma mater!

Louis said...


Is Goldingay a good source for the series? Without a doubt. Is he the "obvious" one? That's harder to say. If we use Wright as our standard I think they have an equally credible scholar. He's probably a little left of Wright and that will make some Evangelicals uncomfortable. My own exposure to him has been with his Psalms commentaries which I think are great. On the other hand, here's what Tremper Longman said of Goldingay's Daniel commentary (Word Biblical Commentary):

Goldingay's is perhaps the most comprehensive commentary on Daniel listed here. He gives insight into historical, literary, and theological issues concerning the book. He also demonstrates an amazing grasp of the secondary literature. Many of his readers will be put off by some of his radical (at least as for an evangelical) conclusions, most notable of which are that the stories in chapters 1-6 are fictitious and the visions are quasi-prophecies. However, it would be a major mistake to ignore this important commentary while studying Daniel" (Old Testament Commentary Survey by Tremper Longman III, p. 114-115)

P. S. If you're ever in the Grand Rapids area look us up.

Jonathan said...


Thank you for that helpful response. It makes me anticipate these releases any more. Also, you may already know this, but on iTunes Fuller has several entire courses up by Goldingay that you can download for free! They all have his syllabi as well which makes for an ease of following along. I am trying to get some of the books he requires for the classes so I can follow along accordingly and this makes me anticipate that even more. Hopefully that was news to you and you can check that out and enjoy.

I've actually never been to Grand Rapids before, although my wife does have a cousin up there so who knows!


Louis said...


You're welcome. I didn't know about the iTunes and Fuller. No surprise there given my knowledge of those kinds of things. I'm so behind. Thanks for the heads up!