Friday, January 29, 2010

John Frame on the Sufficiency of Scripture

One of my favorite writers is John Frame.  This quote is from his book The Doctrine of the Christian Life.  I'm grateful to my co-worker Kyle who gave it to me as a gift this past Christmas. 
"Christians sometimes say that Scripture is sufficient for religion, or preaching, or theology, but not for auto repairs, plumbing, animal husbandry, dentistry, and so forth.  And of course many argue that it is not sufficient for science, philosophy, or even ethics.  This is to miss an important point.  Certainly Scripture contains more specific information relevant to theology than dentistry.  But sufficiency in the present context is not sufficiency of specific information but sufficiency of divine words.  Scripture contains divine words sufficient for all of life.  It has all the divine words that the plumber needs, and all the divine words that the theologian needs.  So it is just as sufficient for plumbing as it is for theology.  And in that sense it is sufficient for science and ethics as well." ( p. 157)

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