Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Good Christian Documentaries

Jeff at the Scripture Zealot asked if there were any good Christian documentaries available.  One of the responses referred him to the Day of Discovery.  I've watched three so far and have really enjoyed them.  Not only are they filmed on location in Israel (at least the ones I watched were) but they also feature some very notable New Testament scholars like Darrell Bock, Michael Wilkins, Craig Evans and Klyne Snodgrass.  These were part of "Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More" segment.  I watched the one on the "Temple controversy" (part IV) and "The Jewish Examination of Jesus" (part VI).  I found them both interesting and informative.  They are not too long so they won't take much of your time (about 30 minutes).  I think these would be good to show in a small group and then have a time of discussion.  I look forward to watching more and I hope you enjoy them as well.   Thanks Jeff for raising the question!

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