Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Store Now - People of the Spirit

Well, I just can't keep up with everything that is coming in. This newest title from Graham H. Twelftree is People of the Spirit: Exploring Luke's View of the Church. I've come to appreciate Twelftree as a careful scholar. I look forward to reading this latest work from him. The recommendations have already piqued my interest even higher than it already was. Here's just a few:

"A fresh and refreshing look at Luke's understanding of the church, particularly as informed by the Acts of the Apostles. The reading is challenging and often controversial but is probably closer to what Luke himself intended than most others. The book should certainly promote some lively discussion as to the present-day church's praxis, priorities, and structures of authority."--James D. G. Dunn, Emeritus Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, University of Durham

"By singling out Luke's canonical voice and reading his narrative as teaching, this book attains fresh perspective on what 'church' meant to the author of Luke-Acts and what it should mean to us. Twelftree models attention to detail, painstaking organization, and concise expression. Readers will find learning, stimulation, and challenge in every chapter. Engaged, intense, and clear!"--Robert W. Yarbrough, professor of New Testament and department chair, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"I know of no treatment of Luke's view of the church more thorough and excellent than Graham Twelftree's. Here is perceptive historical and theological analysis that is exegetically based and logically compelling. Twelftree's book yields important, fresh, and abundant practical insights for Spirit-gifted people who desire to fulfill the church's goal of continuing the mission of Jesus."--Donald A. Hagner, George Eldon Ladd Professor emeritus of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

People of the Spirit is a paperback with 269 pages and sells for $24.99.

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