Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sneak Preview of a Multi-Views Book on the Historical Jesus

I announced this forthcoming title previously but Dan Reid at Addenda & Errata has given us a "redacted conversation" based on the book. I really am looking forward to this volume. On the one hand it seems there can't be much new to offer on this topic. But the dialogue between these scholars should prove interesting and that a variation in views is still very much alive.

Here's what Dan said in an earlier post: "The book has contributions from a wide range of viewpoints, starting off with Robert Price (who maintains that the probability of Jesus’ existence has reached the “vanishing point,”) and concluding with Darrell Bock, who ably argues that while critical method yields only a “gist” of Jesus, it nonetheless takes us in the direction of the Gospel portraits themselves. In between we find discussions from noted New Testament scholars Dominic Crossan, Luke Johnson and James Dunn. With that lineup, you would expect some interesting interaction. And you won’t be disappointed."

Look for it this October.

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