Monday, October 12, 2009

William Lane Craig at Saddleback and Watermark Community

Apologist and philosopher William Lane Craig recently appeared at both Saddleback Church (home church of Rick Warren) and Watermark Community Church at Dallas, Texas. At Saddleback Craig spoke on "How Did the Universe Begin?" and at Watermark he spoke on "Reasons to Believe We Have a Reasonable Faith." The latter of the two was in an interview format and covered a lot of material in an engaging yet very understandable fashion. The Saddleback lecture was limited to the one question but was also very accessible.

I have followed Craig for years and he is my favorite Christian apologist. You can access both of these appearances and much more at Craig's website Of the two I enjoyed the Watermark discussion most because of the diversity of topics covered. Though brief, he touches on the various arguments for the existence of God and the problem of evil. It is especially good because Craig worked hard in both venues to make the material as easy to understand as possible. The Saddleback presentation has about 20 minutes of singing and an offering prior to Craig speaking so hang on till all of that is over.

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